Francia (France)

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SINOPSIS (Synopsis)

Claire, una pianista que viaja alrededor del mundo y su marido deciden no tener hijos hasta que un día, durante un vuelo, él asiste a un parto en vivo y en directo. Entonces el esposo cambia de opinión y se las ingenia para que ella quede embarazada, alterando los anticonceptivos.

Claire is a world-renowned prodigy of a pianist. She travels the world, assisted and pampered by Frédéric—her husband, agent, and coach. Already in perfect harmony, they don’t want children. However, after witnessing a surprise childbirth during a Paris-to-New York flight, Frédéric experiences an overwhelming desire to become a father and eventually tampers with Claire’s pill. One day, the unsuspecting wife wakes up to her worst nightmare... she’s enormous!

  • IDIOMA (Language): Francés (French)
  • SUBTÍTULOS (Subtitles): Inglés (English)

Director: Sophie Letourneur

Actores/Actors: Marina Foïs, Jonathan Cohen, Jacqueline Kakou

Año/Year: 2019

Género/Genre: Comedia (Comedy)

Parent Advisory: PG-13

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